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Concrete Pumping

Why Use Concrete Pumps For Your Construction Project

Do you have an upcoming residential project that needs to get done fast? Then a concrete pump machine must be able to solve all your worries! There are plenty of machines that you can choose from but one thing is for sure, they are going to be a big help for your project whether small or medium sized, a concrete will get the job done without all the extra time and sweat.

There are three things that you want your construction project to be. One is to be of high quality, fast, accurate, and as economical as possible. All of these goals can be achieved by using a concrete pump machine. Pouring concrete manually is not only time consuming but also difficult. In addition to this, you might find the result less accurate compared to using a concrete pumping machine.

There are two types of concrete pumps that you can choose from. The first one is the boom pump, and the second is the line pump. Each of these types of machines has their own specifications and it is essential to know them in order to choose the right one for your project. Here are some advantages of using concrete pumps that you should know.

Pours The Concrete Faster

If you’ve been working in the industry for years now, then time must be one of your priorities. Finishing a project faster means you’ll also save more money. A concrete pump is one of the fastest ways of pouring the concrete. No more wheelbarrows and cranes because everything will be done automatically by the machine.

Less Labours

As you might already know, there’s a scarcity when it comes to the number of laborers in the country. Which is why finding them might be difficult for you. But thanks to concrete pump machines, you don’t have to stress yourself with finding your workers. You’ll also be able to save on labor cost!

Improves The Strength Of Your Concrete

A concrete pump requires less water for your concrete, it can avoid shrinking or cracking. It helps you save on repair cost as well!

Concrete pumps aren’t new but a lot of people are still not taking advantage of its benefits. If you want your project to be nearly perfect, fast, and of high quality, a concrete pump machine will help you achieve all of this. It is cost-effective and you’ll surely have no regrets using it!


Understanding More About What A Line Pump Is

If you’re in need of something capable of pumping concrete or grout, mortar or sludge, then you’re likely wondering what a line pump is. These are precisely what you’ll need for such jobs. As you might imagine, this type of system is needed in a variety of different situations and for that reason, manufacturers offer a range of different line pumps to meet those different needs.


It’s common for pumps such as these to utilize ball valve pumps. Smaller models are commonly called grout pumps but they can be used for concrete when the amount needed is reasonably low. In some cases, they are even used when underwater concrete needs to be repaired. Other uses for these smaller pumps would include building bonded beams for masonry walls along with building concrete reinforcement sections and filling in fabric forms.

What Are The Cost?

Ball valve pumps are pretty low in price and can hold up remarkably well even under heavy use. They’re made simply and this design makes it easy to maintain and clean which will make them last longer. The hose on these units are easy to handle and the smaller size makes them easier to maneuver.

Truck Mounted Line Pumps

Some claim that the mobility and performance of these are almost like an urban myth but the myth is true. These truck mounted pumps are priced affordably and among the most mobile you can get. If you’re in need of this type of pump on a job site where the area is highly congested or even on a busy street, these will work perfectly.

This type of line pump hire is much more mobile than trailer mounted pumps. As well, they are considerably more affordable. They have a large hopper capacity that is just under 20 cubic feet and they’re highly reliable even under extremely heavy use. As well, you will find that there is a decent amount of storage space for the accessories.


If you get the flatpack, it’s fully removable and it provides a design that is very cost conscious and requires the least amount of labor. Additionally, this unit will flow faster and smoother while maintaining lower cost by reducing surges and peaks.

Depending on your particular needs, you will find there are a variety of choices available. The ones covered here are highly versatile and affordable. They are also designed to last under heavy use.



Are you planning on constructing another project? Will you need to use concrete to finish it? You’ve probably seen some concrete pump truck before, but do you know how it works what it can do for you? There are a lot of situations and projects where you can use concrete pump trucks. Whether it’s making your basement floor or your new pool decks, it’s going to be a great equipment for you.

Please visit a Concrete Pumping Website , to get a good understanding of the services included on many types of trucks, which are equipped with a hopper where the concrete is released. This hopper can be found at the back of the truck. When the concrete enters through the hopper, it will pass through the grate that will make sure that there will be no lumps of rocks that will block the hose of the pump truck. This truck also has an auger that will help keep the concrete pumps liquid and flowing for the smooth application.