Understanding More About What A Line Pump Is

If you’re in need of something capable of pumping concrete or grout, mortar or sludge, then you’re likely wondering what a line pump is. These are precisely what you’ll need for such jobs. As you might imagine, this type of system is needed in a variety of different situations and for that reason, manufacturers offer a range of different line pumps to meet those different needs.


It’s common for pumps such as these to utilize ball valve pumps. Smaller models are commonly called grout pumps but they can be used for concrete when the amount needed is reasonably low. In some cases, they are even used when underwater concrete needs to be repaired. Other uses for these smaller pumps would include building bonded beams for masonry walls along with building concrete reinforcement sections and filling in fabric forms.

What Are The Cost?

Ball valve pumps are pretty low in price and can hold up remarkably well even under heavy use. They’re made simply and this design makes it easy to maintain and clean which will make them last longer. The hose on these units are easy to handle and the smaller size makes them easier to maneuver.

Truck Mounted Line Pumps

Some claim that the mobility and performance of these are almost like an urban myth but the myth is true. These truck mounted pumps are priced affordably and among the most mobile you can get. If you’re in need of this type of pump on a job site where the area is highly congested or even on a busy street, these will work perfectly.

This type of line pump hire is much more mobile than trailer mounted pumps. As well, they are considerably more affordable. They have a large hopper capacity that is just under 20 cubic feet and they’re highly reliable even under extremely heavy use. As well, you will find that there is a decent amount of storage space for the accessories.


If you get the flatpack, it’s fully removable and it provides a design that is very cost conscious and requires the least amount of labor. Additionally, this unit will flow faster and smoother while maintaining lower cost by reducing surges and peaks.

Depending on your particular needs, you will find there are a variety of choices available. The ones covered here are highly versatile and affordable. They are also designed to last under heavy use.